Paws & Pens: Single on Valentine’s Day

Do you know what it’s like to be single on Valentine’s day?
Do you know how it feels to watch other people display PDA?
And you’re just there, by yourself, with neither boo nor bae
As the world laughs at your lonely and depressing ways.

Have you ever been the third wheel on Valentine’s day?
Have you stood there, being the ‘friend’ without a say?
Wishing you could leave after just a ‘hey’,
Without your oblivious friend asking you to stay.

Have you ever gotten rejected on Valentine’s day?
Did you muster up the guts and walked up with a bouquet,
And hoped they would say yes, or at least ‘okay’,
Only to be left broken-hearted in the fray?

If you’ve experienced the above on Valentine’s day,
And you’ve felt the pain and the rain and the grey,
And you can fully say, ‘I totally relate’,
Then I’ll let you know, I feel it too, and it’s completely okay.

Or you can totally hit me up any day 😉


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