Are You Ready For Spirit Week?

As per tradition, Spirit Week is coming up! When? Well, next week! Yes, we know, it’s much sooner than usual but Student Council has planned some activities to (hopefully) make this year’s Spirit Week memorable.

The themes?

spirit week

If you’re stuck or confused about the themes, here is some clarification.

  • Mammals Monday: Now you don’t have to dress up as a mammal. In fact, dressing up as any animal whether it be a toad, a fish or a phoenix is perfectly acceptable. This is the time to shine in your onesies (if you have one).
  • Twinsies Tuesday: Wear similar looking clothes as someone else in the school. Wearing your school uniform does NOT count.
  • Wannabe Wednesday: What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? A teacher? Harry Potter? Well, dress up as that!
  • Throwback Thursday: Essentially, past fashion styles such as dungarees, farthingales under your skirts, or even your old PYP uniform if you can still fit into that. This is quite open to interpretation.
  • Floral Friday: Clothing with flowers and the like.

Spirit Week is FREE OF CHARGE. You don’t need to pay 20 Baht.

During the week, Student Council will also be hosting two other activities.

First, there will be a sports tournament — students vs. teachers — happening from Monday to Wednesday.

  • Monday — Handball
  • Tuesday — Skittles
  • Wednesday — Basketball

If you would like to sign-up, contact your house captains. (Note: this is not a house competition.)

The second activity is “Spirit Canvas”. If you absolutely hate playing or watching sports, there will be an art activity set up near the basketball court.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email or talk to your class representatives.

Featured image by Prince (G9).

Note: If you love the wonderful artwork the Media Team creates, here’s a little poster Monet (G11) created for Spirit Week.

smc spirit week2.png


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