The Wolf’s Howl |1M|

Hi–hi, welcome back to another Wolf’s Howl. Sadly, I have only been able to post a few song, but hopefully y’all will enjoy!!

MGMT – Me and Michael


Artist(s): MGMT

Album: Little Dark Age

Year: 2018

Genre(s): Alternate/ Indie (I swear I listen to other genres as well!!)


MGMT is an extremely underrated band, and though I personally have not listen to many of their songs to say that everyone will love them, they do deserve more attention. The song –and not to mention the MUSIC VIDEO– is incredible in pushing the general “pop song” style. The airy voice and electronic keyboard reminds you of 80’s music (though we students may not exactly be reminiscent of that time, we do have Mr Parks speakers to thank for at least introducing us to the –debatably– greatest period of music). I can’t even begin with the music video– its idiotically hilarious (for me to the very least). If you may not like this song specifically, there are many other songs by MGTM that give a similar vibe in terms of 80’s pop and an artist singing through a megaphone.

Rating: 4/7


Portugal. The Man – Feel it Still

Artist(s): Portugal. The Man

Album: Woodstock

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Alternate/ Indie (Maybe even pop)


Feel it Still is a great song to start your day with. Portugal. The Man makes you sing along in a ridiculously high pitch voice that you can’t help but crack from time to time. The tone and beat of the song is very energetic and upbeat. The song is very fast pace so often times you would want to dance along. (Fun fact: though it does not sound like it, the song strangely enough, the song alludes to the political situation where people are discriminated and oppressed).

Rating: 6/7

SZA – Normal Girl

Artist(s): SZA

Album: Ctrl

Year: 2017

Genre(s): R&B/soul


There is something about this song that makes the lyrics extremely emotional and melodious song. The song has a rhythmic and warm mood, the type of song that you would listen to when in the car. For me, the song is so catchy and because SZA’s voice is very strong, I can’t help but sing like I’m in a concert, it is a song that perfectly exemplifies SZA’s vocal capability. Though the song in its instruments are soft and to some degree simple, her voice really pushes through and makes it fun to sing and dance along to.

Rating: 5/7


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