#RELATABLE: Summative Season (Kpop edition)

Teacher: The next summative is an oral commentarymx7hd7

Teacher: You will do a research journ-449bd865c335d1dfc36bb016dbafa464

And 3 source analysises


When you know your friend is lying about how far they are in a summative

The face of a PA student


Teacher: Make sure to proof read your work
@home: reads title

large (1)

When the teacher walks around to check your work on your computers


Teacher: I’ll be handing your summative back next classsuperthumb

Me: I didn’t prepare
Friend: Me too


When the best student in your class gets 6


Friend: I couldn’t do it, just made things up
Result: 7 8 8 7


Oh and how about this bookworm, how far are you with your bookworm?



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