Environmental Week!

The following article was written by Thinzar (G11).

Student Council is organising an Environmental Week from 19 to 23 March so that you can learn about the environment and natural community that we live in. The idea is to bring our school community together through a range of interactive and fun activities in order to promote our activeness and knowledge on environmental issues. An activity will be held each day of the week as following (Mon-Fri):

  • Meatless Monday

Looking at the issue of individual’s carbon footprints, you are encouraged to avoid red meat (pork, beef) and pick other options such as a full vegetarian meal or other meat options like fish or chicken.

  • Showcase of existing projects

Students who have been working on projects related to environmental friendliness will have this opportunity to introduce and interact with the rest of the school community. Booths will be set near the basketball court during Tuesday lunchtime where everyone is invited to inquire and learn about projects going on in the school community.

  • Plastic bottle arts and craft

An arts and craft area will be held during Thursday lunchtime where you are encouraged to participate and design a plastic bottle into a pot. Paint and materials will be provided; the only thing you need is your creativity. 🙂

  • Grow your own plant

With the customised plastic pots, a small gardening project will be held during Friday lunchtime. You will be given the opportunity to plant your own plant and take it home. All materials will be provided.

The planting activity will then be followed up with a Social Media Challenge a month later, as they can post the progress of their little plant friend. House points will be awarded.

Have fun!  



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