#RELATABLE: Lab Experiments

 – This article was written in collaboration with Saloni (G11) – 

If you’ve ever done a lab in science class, you’ll definitely be able to relate to what you’re about to see:

  • Donning your lab coat and pretending that you’re a professional scientist.

Image result for white person in lab coat


  • When you know nothing but you nod because you’re supposed to do SOMETHING!



  • Aaaand the teacher ends up having to do the whole lab themselves by “demonstrating” it to the class *heave a tiny sigh of relief*


  • Then comes the lab report.


  • When the personal engagement is not so personal.

Screenshot (105)

  • Procrastinating so much and having to do the background research and hypotheses AFTER the lab.

chicken regrets nothing

  • Not knowing the difference between background research and scientific research.


  • When you forget to take qualitative observations, so you hound your classmates for pictures and describe in exceptionally vivid detail what you see in those pictures.


  • There’s nothing more satisfying than rejecting the null hypothesis.


  • Changing the data “slightly” so that you can point out a pattern.

ariana's toulouse

  • Trying to come up with five sources of errors, and determining their significance, as if your life depended on it.

help me

  • When “more trials” is always an improvement.


  • Coming up with a nonsensical conclusion to make sense of your “interesting” data and using “reliable” sources to back your work.

Screenshot (106)

  • Putting more effort into the cover page than the whole lab combined.


  • Bringing out your inner VA student when customising and choosing colour schemes for your graphs.

Screenshot (104)

  • Changing the “date of access” on the Works Cited. Admit it.

soraya in disguise

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!


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