The Wolf’s Howl |22M|

Hey there y’all! Instead of your weekly dose of many different-genre songs all written by different artist, today’s Wolf’s Howl will be surrounding one of my favorite artists– Rex Orange County. Every once in a while I will introduce a “featured artist” where all the songs I have talked about below are by or featuring the artist (much like the “This is:–” playlists on Spotify). Enjoy!


(Rex Orange County via Twitter)


Album: Sunflower (Single)

Year: 2017

Thoughts: This is one of my favorite songs by Rex because it is a perfect way to show his talent in music. He begins this songs in particular with a very sad and almost glum beat, however quickly after than he changes the beat to be very upbeat and happy. Sunflower is one of the more “iconic” songs by Rex, he introduces the listeners with very minimalistic instruments that play quite softly –supporting that “sad and glum” tone. It is fun to dance along to after getting past the first 50 seconds (you can tell from the music video as well). Because of that slow build to a fast pace and happy tune, “Sunflower” is best listened to during the morning.

Rating: 5/7


Loving is Easy

Album: Loving Is Easy (Single)

Year: 2017

Thoughts: As one of the newest Rex Orange County songs, “Loving is easy” is a great song to introduce you to this up-and-coming artist. Maybe it is because of the adorable stop-motion music video or just the song’s melody but “Loving is easy” is a soft and heartfelt song that make you want to fall in love (or not). This is one of the many songs he sings in with a melodic piano playing vividly in the background.

Rating: 6/7

Boredom – Tyler, The Creator (ft Anna Of The North)

Album: Flowerboy

Year: 2017

Thoughts: Perhaps it is my favouritism to Tyler, The Creator, but “Boredom” is one of the more catchier songs that Rex has featured in. This is a very hip-hop/rap–type song which is something that Rex does not often appears in. Though he does not technically rap in the song, his laid back and almost careless tone to the song matches with the title perfectly. And with school, who doesn’t have boredom as their new best friend?

Rating: 6/7


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