Berkley Swim Meet

The swimming team went to yet another swimming competition, three weeks ago. They went to compete at Berkley International School, and we were able to win many medals and trophies. Overall, there were four schools attending the swim meet; KIS, Berkley, Concordian and Mahidol University.  All the members of the swim team were very proud of themselves about the many races that they won. We brought home two trophies ; G10 and Under Girls and G10 and Under Boys, and many more medals of all colors.

But the best part of the whole competition was the new friends that were made and the conversations that were held there. Some of the swimmers were very new to racing, and it was very refreshing and delightful to see how pleasant all the competitors were being to each other, some people even giving pointers and suggestions right before a race to the people who were very nervous.

Although the team was very nervous about their races, they were able to have fun while they were waiting for their races, and overall have a great time.



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