KPIS Music Challenge 2018

“It was filled with wonder, excitement, and spirit.” – Leo G10

Stage lights.
Thumping bass…the heartbeat.


Give it up for all the students who competed, whether it was a band performance, a dance number, instrumentals, vocals, movement. These guys are hella talented and hella hardworking, practicing afterschool and on weekends. And commitment has unquestioningly prevailed. They were amazing in the limelight, on the platform, with the music.

“The challenge was very competitive, there were many talented bands competing together with us, each with their own style of songs. There was a big crowd supporting us during the performance. We were all very excited about the competition, even though we might not win, the most important thing for us is gaining new experiences and enjoy what we love to do.” – North G10

“On the way to the venue I felt excited to meet new people and to perform. However, when we reached KPIS there were a lot more people than I expected and my nerves started kicking in. I could feel that everyone came prepared and the confident look on their faces gave me butterflies in my stomach. While sitting in the crowd watching each performer completing their song without a mistake was nerve racking. While standing backstage before going on I could feel the drum beat of the current performers in my heart and I could barely feel my legs.” – Natalie G10

“I felt excited to be there even though there was some pressure. It also make me think about last year’s event which I think could’ve been better. So I keep in mind that my goal is just to have fun and realize that I have improved. It was also inspiring to see some other bands doing things differently, for example, rearranging a song and adding guitar solo to the song that doesn’t have one.” – Leo G10

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