#RELATABLES: Report Card Season

This post was written in collaboration with Saloni (G11)

Okay, so all of our report cards are out. And a lot of stuff goes down in the following week, including the anticipated 3-way conference. *folds hands in a silent prayer*

  • When that one grade brings all your hopes and dreams crashing down


  • When parent-teacher meetings are followed by student-parent beatings (lol just kidding, don’t call the police on us)


  • When the only question your parents ask throughout the conference is, “WHY DID YOU GET THIS SCORE?” or “WHERE DID THE OTHER MARKS GO?” (yes, the caps lock is absolutely essential)


  • When your Standard Level teacher thinks that you’re a Higher Level student and grades you accordingly (DP students assemble)


  • That mini cardiac arrest you get when you know that the reports are out before your parents, and you do the most random things just to avoid them


  • And if you’re away from them, you anticipate that phone call of death, or if you’re at home, you hear your parents’ footsteps nearing your room…


  • Achieving Herculean tasks the entire term, only to get a Meets Expectations

oh so close

  • When all of your friends have the same comments from the teacher, and you are referred to as ‘the student’.

mum can't kill you yet

  • Or worse, the comment is not even about you


Makes ‘the student’ feel oh so special 🙂

  • Or – this is rare, by the way – when your comments are really good but then the grade is…um…quite the opposite?


  • When your teachers pretend to like you and are extra nice only during the conference


And you silently squirm under your parents’ murderous gaze, and then suddenly going back home after the meeting isn’t such a good idea after all.

Let’s just do better next term, that’s all I can say 🙂

[These articles are written as student thoughts and are not to be taken seriously, so try not to look so scandalized while reading this, if these do not apply to you :)]


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