The Wolf’s Howl |28M|

Introducing my next favorite, WILLOW SMITH. (Yes, she did sing “Whip my hair”)

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.23.54 PM  Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.24.43 PM

(Willow Smith via Twitter)

Female Energy

Album: Female Energy (Single)

Year: 2014

Thoughts: This song is a great introduction to Willow Smith’s song.  It has a very “spiritual” feel, the very electronic and jazz-like instruments compliment Willow’s voice. When listening to the song, you are almost in a trance because of the instruments being played in a muted tone and the lively voice contrasting each other. The melody seems very peculiar, the unexpected turns that Willow’s voice takes in the song just shows how talented she truly is.

Rating: 5/7


Why Don’t You Cry


Year: 2015

Thoughts: Though this is not one of her best songs, in my opinion, it is a good example to the type of music that she makes. “Why Don’t You Cry” has many layers and is one of the more transparent songs Willow has sung. Her voice matches well to the lyrics and music in the background. Something about her emotionally-driven voice paired with the lively music makes you want to bop your head to it.

Rating: 4/7


Wait a Minute!


Year: 2015

Thoughts: As one of the first Willow songs I have heard, “Wait a Minute” is one of my favorites. Though it still has her signature electronic feel, this song is one that is more “pop-like” with the drums and overall melody. Many of her songs have very dramatic tunes that she will sing passionately along to, however in “Wait a Minute” Willow introduces a more minimal tune where you can hear drums, little guitar and a few piano keys.

Rating: 6/7


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