Paws & Pens: Darker Side of Lives


Paws & Pens is back with another poem! If any students have any original poetry or short stories they wish to submit to KISToday, please feel free to contact Saloni either at school or by email at 🙂 We’d love to feature more student work!

Love is red,
Like the blood we spill in the name of vengeance.
Blue, the tears we shed,
Like those in the cold, begging for a chance.
Spring leaves are green,
A color symbolizing lethal poison.
And white of peace,
Or rather the quiet death of voices.
The warm orange flame,
Could also be Trump’s cancerous skin hue.
Yellow of the sun’s rays,
Show the decay of leaves in fall, too.
So many things taken for granted,
Our happy lives colorfully composed and commanded.
Pretty shades uglier defined,
We don’t know the darker side of lives.




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