Psychology 101: Nap Time at School

Hey guys this is the first Psychology 101 article since the April break. (I can’t believe we’ve only had three school days, it seems we’ve been back for a gazillion years). Since I’m not quite ready to let go of the holidays this article is going to be all about what I miss most: sleep.

What does sleep have to do with psychology?

I’m not entirely sure. I mean, humans need to sleep right? And we all know that we function differently with 1 hour of sleep than we do with 11 hours of sleep. (And when I tried to look up “what does psychology have to do with sleep?” I just found a lot about sleep disorders and sleep psychologists.)

If you don’t know what sleep has to do with psychology….what are you going to write about?  

Okay I know my articles are all supposed to be about psychology ~ and I’m pretty sure sleep does connect somehow ~ (just haven’t figured out how. Maybe it’s something to do with cognitive processes but yeah. Shh.) but I’m not going to change my article topic because I am committed now. So let’s just look at some random sleeping fun facts and call it a day?


  • Some people actually can sleep with their eyes open (@Jack Whitehall the comedian)
  • Sleep deprived adults generally display sluglike or slothlike behaviour whilst sleep deprived children act like dogs who had too much caffeine. (Write in the comments which one you are 😉 (or don’t because I shall not force social interaction on anyone)).
  • Before coloured TV was invented lots of people used to dream in black and white!
  • Humans spend ⅓ of their life asleep. (Don’t think that’s enough)
  • You can’t do anything in your dreams that you haven’t experienced in real life (that’s why people can’t die in dreams).
  • Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than food deprivation. SO THIS IS A PSA TO STOP PULLING ALL NIGHTERS. (literally never pulled an all nighter, I love sleep too much).
  • Every person you see in your dreams is someone you’ve seen in real life.
  • Sleepwalking is actually fairly common in children (huh…I probably could have done a psychology article about sleepwalking. Too late.)
  • People are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep. (This is why we should all be cats).
  • We naturally feel the most tired at 2am and 2pm. (This is why we should have nap time at school).
  • The less sleep you get the hungrier you are.

So yeah. Those are some sleep facts. You’re welcome?




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