Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram or Snapchat? A question that is very popular these days. Instagram and Snapchat share some very common features, but at the end of the day, which of the two is better? Stay tuned and read the comparison.

Instagram has roughly 850 million users while Snapchat has 150 million daily active users globally. According to Buffer Social, Instagram is more popular amongst women than in men and usually amongst those below the age of 49 than those above. One of the main features of the app is uploading stories which will last for upto 24 hours. People can also post images and videos in an organized manner, find other Instagram users globally that they may have a mutual relationship with, and lastly, edit pictures before posting them. The way users of this app discover each other is because the discoverability of this app is quite obvious; though the profile icon is quiet small, you can still read the user’s bio.

Instagram has a tendency to make its advertisement with powerful targeting, feed ads, stories ads, and boost posts. In other words, it has the ability to show the world about its great updated features. Some parents don’t allow their teenage kids to have Instagram. While on the other hand, other teenagers get influenced by the word spread around them and also get influenced by their friends and surroundings. Be careful and wise on social media, people!

“Oh hey, let’s take a selfie with the flower crown!” “Aww the dog filter is so adorable, say cheese! Let’s send it to Clara”. Well if you ever wondered what the name of the app that provides all these amazing filters is, it is none other than Snapchat!

This app is equally used by both genders although 60% of the users are below 25 and only 15% are above 35. On that note, you can already see how Snapchat is for young teenagers! The features that Snapchat shares with its users is stories which again stays up on the account for 24 hours as well as allowing us to send snaps to friends both filtered and unfiltered. Many people do streaks which basically adds up overtime with their friends. Recently, Snapchat has updated the Bitmoji system. Each user creates their own resembling bitmoji with special features; this is basically like a profile icon.

A positive point of Snapchat is that you can be on ghost mode if you don’t want your friends to localize you and basically be a stalker. After Instagram launched the Stories, Snapchat unfortunately had a fall by 40% which is a big number for the company in terms of the loss. Lastly the way Snapchat advertises this app is by putting the various choices of filters up and big on posters, lenses seemingly more expensive, and of course with powerful targeting.

You may ask that I still haven’t told you which one is better? Well, I believe that neither of them is better or worse than the other. YOU are the only one who knows based on how much and how often you use either of these applications. Personally, I am still new to Instagram and I will use it to post pictures, while on Snapchat I will do streaks with my friends and take nice selfies using the lenses and filters provided. Answering the big question, I use Snapchat more than Instagram but as for which one is better, I’ll let you decide!



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