The Wolf’s Howl |10M|

This week we have many songs, old and new, recommended from fellow KIS friends as well! Enjoy!!

Ed Sheeran – The City and Autumn Leaves (Suggested by Steffan G6)

Artist(s): Ed Sheeran

Album: +

Year: 2011

Genre(s): Pop


“The City” by Ed Sheeran from his album “+” includes Beatboxing, which is ok but it’s not the main thing Ed Sheeran does, and also great singing! It’s about the singer when he was 16 moving out to from his parents to London and how its different from his old home in Suffolk. This song gets a 5/7 for me and I really recommend some people to listen to the song.

Steffan G6


Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran from the album “+” *again* is a nice slow song for when you are feeling something emotional. The song is hard to explain in words it makes you feel something in you, like something wants to escape from inside you and after the song finishes it escapes and you feel relieved and happy. Not sure if others can feel that like I do but maybe you can see for yourself! I recommend this song to pretty much everyone!

Steffan G6

Thanks Steffan, I couldn’t agree more, both songs are great recommendations and are really fun/emotional to listen too! Ed Sheeran’s songs are always the best and listening to these two songs from the “+” album really bring back the memories of the old-Ed-vibes.


Childish Gambino – This Is America

Artist(s): Childish Gambino

Album: This Is America (Single)

Year: 2018

Genre(s): Hip Hop


First off, I need to confess I was not a big Childish Gambino fan, the music he made before in my opinion were “weird” and “annoying”, my uneducated soul then was blessed with better ears and I am now loving it. It is important to notice the many layers of Donald Glover’s voice in this song, it shows his vocal capabilities which blew my mind. To like his music may take some time, like it did for me, however when you do start to like it you really begin to appreciate it. This song in particular is the newest and latest release from Childish Gambino. It is a great song to dance and scream along to– don’t worry if you can’t dance because the music video will just make you anyways.

Rating: 6/7


Troye Sivan – Bloom

Artist(s): Troye Sivan

Album: Bloom (Single)

Year: 2018

Genre(s): Pop


what. a. chorus.

Troye Sivan’s “Bloom” is a good sing-a-long, it has a beautiful melody that has a electric drum that is great to dance a long to. As a new release along with “My My My!” as well as “The Good Side” in the past few months, Troye puts all his fans –including me– on the edge of their seat waiting tirelessly for his new album.

Rating: 5/7



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