Paws & Pens: Nothing I’d Ever Seen Before

She was like nothing I’d ever seen before.
Bright, radiant, glowing,
Like she had the universe behind her door.
She wasn’t just pretty,
She was luminous, incandescent as the moon
Shining down on the desert dunes.
Her eyes were windows
To the view at sea,
For I could see the spirit of the ocean in her,
So wild and free.
She burned like fire,
A blazing flame on a match,
So brilliant she rivaled the sun,
A phoenix about to ash.
I’m sure that if her mind were a book,
It would have more pages than raindrops in a storm,
It would have her fire in it, the whole episode warm.
And she would be on the cover,
Oh, when she smiled, the world was at her feet.
The sun would blush the color of beet,
And even the dark and cold-hearted moon
Was not immune
To her magnetic charm,
Which was a result of remaining true to her core.
For she was like nothing I’d ever seen before;
And even if the whole universe could be rearranged,
There was nothing about her I would ever change.


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