The World’s Largest Lesson

The following article was written by Hana, Angel, Iya and Malin (G7).

The World’s Largest Lesson is a project created by an organization from Japan, called Educational Cooperation NGO Network (JNNE). It is a global event to help understand the current state of education around the world and to think about the importance of it. Also, the purpose of this Lesson is to come up with   solutions of how we can help other people in the world who are taking actions to solve the issues with this topic. The members from KIS who are participating in this project are Hana, Angel, Iya, and Malin from G7.

In 2015, the United Nations had set 17 sustainable goals to be achieved by the year 2030, which are shown in the image below. We focused on quality education, which is a goal to ensure everyone, regardless of gender, has access to quality primary and secondary education.

Screen Shot 2561-06-12 at 09.28.41.png

We went to present our projects and did some activities with students from G3. First, we explained what our service project was and how it related to the seventeen sustainable goals. Then we did an activity where we asked a few questions to hear their thoughts and opinions based on the topic. Another activity that we did was where the audience got to roleplay as if they were one of these kids and adults, who cannot read and write, so that they could get an idea of how these people feel in real life. Lastly, we came up with solutions to this issue as a class, where the audience had an opportunity to reflect based on what they learnt from our lesson. The students engaged with the presentation by raising their hands and participating in the activities that we prepared.  


This service project was overall really successful. We are really proud of what we have done considering the fact that we did this during our own time, just the four of us with the help of Ms. Lynley. Also, we have developed our chosen service learning outcome that we decided to work on during this project, which was to develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism, and intercultural understanding and to undertake challenges that develop new skills.

We wanted to share our service project with you so that you can feel inspired to undertake a project of your own. Our last step is to write a letter to the prime minister of Japan about our project, and hopefully get a reply from them. We would like to say thank you to everyone who helped us to get to this stage, and supported us throughout the process of this project.

Sustainable Goals image from:


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