#RELATABLE: First Day Of School

It’s the first day of school and you are exhausted because you ended up sleeping at 12 am even though you planned on sleeping early.. BUT HEY, you get to meet all your friends and finally look at the class lists 🙂

  • When you find out you’re in the same class as your friends:


  • …Or maybe not so you’re there like:


  • And don’t forget about the whole lunch seating situation when you and your friends have to figure out where to sit with the new tables:



  • Every first day of school, your name will be mispronounced while taking attendance and you’re just like:


  • Once the attendance is done, your teacher will ask whether or not you did any reading in the summer and maybe you don’t read much so you’re like:


  • Oh and lastly, they’ll ask what everyone did in the summer and all you did was lay on the couch, eat and binge watch movies like:


No..? Just me? okay..

Have a WONDERFUL year everyone! xD




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