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Hello everyone! First of all, welcome back to school you guys. Hope your summer was fun, relaxing and “productive” (I know that’s not true).

Now that we’ve been back to school for about two weeks, the summer holidays feel like a distant memory of the past. So what better way to ease into the increasingly hectic school year than discovering some more great music? I went around asking a bunch of G12’s about their current favourites and I was not disappointed, so here we go:

  • Panic! At The Disco – Dying In LA (suggested by Petra G12):

Artist(s): Panic! At The Disco

Album: Pray for the Wicked

Released: 2018

Genre: Pop


“It’s so pretty & Brendon Urie’s voice is magical and it’s even more amazing because the recording of this song on the album was from the very first take itself. (Also, just listen to all of ‘Pray for the Wicked’.” – Petra (G12)

First of all, I agree with Petra (that’s a first btw) that  voice was truly amazing. God bless Brendon Urie and his holy vocals. Moving on, this song was a little unexpected because my P!ATD playlist includes various bops that are the ‘high-energy’ type, not something mellow like this song. Also, another thing that I’d definitely agree with Petra about (that’s the second time ever haha) is that one really should listen to the entire album. It is absolutely mind-blowing. You’re welcome 😀


  • Da Pump – U.S.A. (suggested by Maho G12):

Artist(s): Da Pump

Year: 2018

Genre(s): J-Pop


“I really like the choreography and it’s been stuck inside my head the whole day. But I don’t fully understand the lyrics, and even Japanese people don’t seem to get it because lyrically, it doesn’t quite make sense.” – Maho (G12)

Okay, “C’mon baby America” has got to be the best song chorus of 2018. I mean, just like Maho said, it’s been stuck in my head THE. ENTIRE. DAY. So when I was supposed to be learning about nuclear physics, all I could think of was:  “C’-C’-C’-C’-C’-C’-C’-C’mon, baby U.S.A.”. 🙃

Rating: 9999/7 (I’m not even kidding)


  • Maddee – Lost (suggested by Prin G12):

Artist(s): Maddee

Year: 2017

Genre: Alternative/Indie


“When you’re down, don’t listen to this song because it’s too chill. It’s the kind of song you would hear in a mall’s bathroom, I guess? It’s pretty doperoni.” – Prin (G12)

I agree that this song is, in fact, quite doperoni (where on Earth did that even come from, Prin?). Also, I’d say that this song is typical ‘Majestic Casual’, a record label that releases authentic sounds that are mostly melodic and, well, chill. Something that I would most probably listen to while having a good cup of cocoa 🙂

Rating: 4/7


  • Hebe Tien – A Little Happiness (suggested by Idea G12):

Artist(s): 田馥甄 Hebe Tien

Album: Our Times OST

Year: 2015

Genre: Pop


“The melody sounds really touching, even though I did not really understand the lyrics. So it was the music alone that impacted me so much. How amazing is that?” – Idea (G12)

Yes, well this Taiwanese song definitely sounds like it belongs in a romance or a drama. We’ve got the dramatic internal monologue for the intro, some sweet and soft guitar, backing piano, a string ensemble break and the other components of a classic song that has a beautiful and romantic feel to it. All too familiar with such great music as a result of all those K-Drama marathons 🙂


Well, that was all. We’ll be back next week with another bunch of cool music for you to check out!

Comments? Questions? Feedback? Recommendations? Feel free to drop a comment down below 🙂

Featured Image: Prin (G12)



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