As all of you have probably noticed we have a lot of new additions to the KIS community this year! (If you haven’t noticed, I think you need to become more observant). With these additions we have some great new teachers, and I think it’s super important that we get to know them. There’s going to be a lot more of these articles coming your way so look out for them!

Firstly we have Mr. Bart! Here’s what you need to know:

What subjects do you teach and to whom (MYP and/or DP)?

I teach Individuals and Societies to grades seven and eight in the MYP.

Next, what would you like or want all of us to know about yourself? (Just some basic details like where you’re from, what you did before coming to KIS, places you’ve been to/would like to visit, etc.

I’m from the Netherlands and before I came to KIS, I worked at the United Nations School of Hanoi in Vietnam. I really like to travel, both inside (Northern Thailand is great) and outside of Thailand, preferably in Asia. Going on a motorbike adventure somewhere in the mountains in Asia is one of my favorite things to do.
Any hobbies, passions, interests that you like to indulge in?
Traveling is a cliche answer but it’s true, and I’ve explored many countries in Asia. If possible, I try to do at least two motorbike trips a year. This year I went to Northern Vietnam for one motorbike trip and I did the Mae Hong Song motorbike loop for the 3rd time.
Any pet peeves at all?
Not really actually. I am very easy going 🙂
Have you enjoyed your time at KIS so far? How so?
So far KIS has been great, the students are very friendly and outgoing and the staff are very nice too. I enjoy teaching here a lot.
If you are new to Thailand, please tell us about how you feel being here.
This is the first time to actually live in Thailand, but I have traveled here many times before. Bangkok is a great city and I am looking forward to exploring Bangkok and Thailand more.
What do you love most about the subject(s) that you’re currently teaching? Have they always been of interest to you?
I like INS because it is a good mixture of a few different subjects, such as geography and history, but also considers topics like globalization or mega cities and other current affairs. There is also a lot of room for me and students to discuss and share ideas and to think about the world, how we got to where we are, and where we could be going. It’s a very broad course so we can discuss many things.
Lastly, would you like to impart any advice for students in the MYP or DP, or just all of us in general?

Always be positive and be sure to have fun!




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