September’s SMC: Baby Faces!

This month’s Social Media Challenge is extremely exciting! (Although I do have a tendency to get excited over the most trivial matters.)

Student Council contacted several teachers for their baby pictures. Now, it’s your job to guess who’s who. For every correct answer, you will win two house points. Plus, the house with the most submissions will win 50 points. And if you love maths as much as I do, you know that this is the perfect opportunity to win loads of house points! So what are you waiting for? Send in your answers to The sooner the better! The challenge ends on September 30.

Baby Faces

As for last month’s SMC, here is how it went down:

  • Naga (with 17 entries) — 50 points
  • Erawan (with 16 entries) — 40 points
  • Hanuman (with 8 entries) — 30 points
  • Tosakan (with 3 entries) — 20 points

You all need to up your game.


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