A new year in KIS has yet again begun! We are currently 3 weeks into school and I hope everyone is having a great time!! If you haven’t yet noticed, the KIS family has increased quite a lot this year (possibly the largest by far).

Anthea and I recently talked to some of the new students and… WOW, were we not amused by their talents and kindness. We got some very enthusiastic replies going from long paragraphs to very poetic metaphors! So do make sure to engage with our new comers and make them feel as welcomed as possible 🙂

1. What is your fav part about KIS so far?

Many MYP and DP students said their favourite part about this school is the community, the students and teachers have been so welcoming and it makes the school such a comfortable environment. The teaching style is unique which encourages a very strong student-teacher bond. In addition, the campus is also very appreciable.

2. How is KIS different from your old school? Is that better?

On a positive note for the old KIS community, the new comers said their previous school had very strict teachers and the students weren’t very nice kids to be around so this is definitely a big plus for them to be in this school. KIS is a community with various cultures and it’s really great to be able to learn about so many cultures from around the world in one place.

3. How have the people been treating you? Have you felt welcomed?

Every new member has said the KIS community is very friendly, warm and welcoming. It is much easier to make friends here because the student body is quite accepting and always ready to help. This automatically makes the atmosphere very pleasant and enjoyable to learn in!

5. What would you add to KIS that you think would make it feel more like home?

A living room, bedroom and kitchen would be perfect 😛 There is nothing we would really add, although we are new, we already feel at home. However, a longer lunch time and more places for ‘socialising’ would be better to reduce class stress and get to know more people.

And lastly, one of my favourite responses from Gaurika G11:

“My time in G11 is currently going by as if I was in a Japanese bullet train: so much to look upon, so much to learn. However, the immense support I’ve been getting so far motivates me to work harder and come up with a variety of ideas. I’m excited for the 2-year wild ride.” “Meeting new people and gaining new experiences has been wonderful and I would love to continue to do so as grade 12 comes along”.


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