SC Update of the Week!

Here are some updates from SC.

  • Social Media Challenge: We’ve received a few submissions. Hanuman is in the lead with fourteen! (Which isn’t that high of a number to beat.) More information here. Please make sure you include your house in the email you send.
  • Volleyball tournament: There will be a volleyball tournament from September 24 till September 28 during lunchtimes. More information here.
  • Littering: It’s frankly quite embarrassing that this is an issue at KIS. Please clean up after yourselves. Don’t leave your Oreo wrappers on the giant staircase or leave plastic bottles lying around.
  • New basketballs: If you spend all your break times on the court, you’ll have noticed there are new basketballs! Please don’t wreck havoc on them.
  • Vice-Captain elections: If you are interested in running for vice-captain, please contact me at We will be having elections next Tuesday after school. A post will be released on KIS Today about this.

If you have any complaints or concerns, feel free to contact us!

social mediums IG size

Social media image created by Jo (G10).


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