Welcome back to another KIS Spotlight! Today let’s find out about Mr. Nicholas 🙂

First and foremost, what subjects do you teach and to whom (MYP and/or DP)?

MYP art for G6 and 7, design for 6, 7 and 8

Next, what would you like or want all of us to know about yourself? (Just some basic details like where you’re from, what you did before coming to KIS, places you’ve been to/would like to visit, etc.) 

Nice to meet you all. I’m from England and previously I taught in the UK and Asia mostly; Vietnam, Japan and China. I have travelled across extensively across Asia and parts of Europe and am now waiting to visit the Polynesian Islands, Tibet and Mongolia!

Any hobbies, passions, interests that you like to indulge in? 

As an art and design teacher I am definitely interested in art and design! I often visit galleries, and produce my own artwork which is mostly pen and ink drawings, prints and traditional darkroom photography. Aside form that I like traveling, motorbike trips, trying new food and experiencing new cultures.

Any pet peeves at all?

People wasting food!

Have you enjoyed your time at KIS so far? How so?

Yes I love it so far. The students are extremely supportive of each other, I am very impressed! The teachers are also passionate and friendly. My overall impression is that KIS is a positive place to learn filled with good people.

If you are new to Thailand, please tell us about how you feel being here. 

I love Thailand. I have visited many times before and am really happy to have moved here. I love the culture, food, nature, climate and ‘sanuk – attitude’ of the people!

What do you love most about the subject(s) that you’re currently teaching? Have they always been of interest to you?

I love the creativity and tactile nature of art. Producing my own art feeds my imagination, while appreciating the artwork of other artists and of my students inspires me. I have always had a passion for art and one of the most important things for me is the different perspective it gives you. If you give time to discover your ‘inner artist’, you will definitely see the world in a different way. I hope that my students discover this. Design is also very interesting for me. There is real beauty in finding solutions to problems, and using ingenuity to make peoples lives better. Design is really an art form in service to others, as well as a chance to produce some really cool stuff!

Lastly, would you like to impart any advice for students in the MYP or DP, or just all of us in general? 

Stay positive, work hard, feed your spirit, be the person you want to be – oh and have fun doing it!

ps. If you’re upset there’s no featured image, blame Avi 🙂



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