The Horrible Hate Account

It has come to the Student Council’s attention that a student has created a KIS hate account on Instagram, dissing others and causing havoc in a rather inarticulate and immature manner.

So, SC has created a special account to spread the love. If you’re feeling lost and alone, or you were one of the victims of the hate account, well, we hope to bring a smile back to your face.

Click here to view our page! And if you have a wonderful, positive message to share, please DM us.

A society that wishes to remain tolerant as a whole, must not stand idly when hate and intolerance are spread as it is on this account. Therefore, if we hope to keep KIS inclusive and tolerant, we must stand up against such useless and hate-filled remarks that have no purpose in any civilised society.

Also, whoever made the original hate account, please stop. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s hurtful. Besides, don’t you have anything better to do?



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  1. Shubhada says:

    That was a proactive move, KIS Student Council. Congratulations for addressing the issue in non- violent way.

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