The Wolf’s Howl |14S|

Hey y’all! Sorry for the awkward posting schedule for the Wolf’s Howl, I’m just trying to find the best for you guys 🙂 Enjoy and feel free to recommend any songs!

Childish Gambino – Feels like Summer

Artist(s): Childish Gambino

Album: Feels Like Summer Single

Released: 2018

Genre: R&B


Summer is still alive with Childish Gambino’s lastest single Feels Like Summer. Soft guitar strumming with the electronic tone of Childish Gambino’s voice is a combination we can never forget about. The song is so light and airy that it essentially summer as a song. Before we can even begin to mention the music video, we just have to remember Donald Glover’s talent in creating iconic videos (*cough*…This Is America…*cough*). With the impeccable color and the crazy cartoon animation, we could’nt ask for any better.

Rating: 8/10


Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Artist(s): Michael Jackson

Album: Thriller

Released: 1982

Genre: Pop


This song is such a bop, there is nothing better than a throwback song. In my opinion, P.Y.T is somewhat underrated and with the catchy lyrics and amazing melody, there is nothing to stop you from listening and dancing along to it. The lyrics are so repetitive and because of that there is such a sing-along vibe that comes from it.

Rating: 7/10


SZA  – The Weekend (Calvin Harris remix)

Artist(s): SZA and Calvin Harris

Album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Released: 2017

Genre: R&B


Having heard the original of The Weekend one too many times, I can say that this remix is a great way to listen to the song even more (if need be). Calvin Harris is an amazing DJ, and with just little additions of keyboard notes and other synths, the remix almost sounds like a whole new song. The song has more of a funk and a new “disco-like” vibe, hence the album title 🙂

Rating: 5/10


Reality Club – Is It The Answer

Artist(s): Tyler, The Creator

Released: 2018

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop


If you have heard about the iconic album, “Flower Boy” by Tyler, The Creator, you MUST listen to this rough draft of a song. Though it did not make it into the 2016 album, it does however have the Flower-Boy-esque melody and lyrics you need to remind you of his talents. Keeping to the genre of alternative hip hop, you can also hear how his deep rapping verses pair so well with the soft electronic music. Though the vocals in this song are not necessarily the best –with the highly auto-tuned and scratchy pitched singing– it is important to keep in mind that it IS a rough draft of a song… so we can let that slide.

Rating: 6/10


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