Wolf Reads #34

This week, some more poetry.

The Dark Between The Stars


“She walked through her life from the mighty wings upon her back.”

After writing a best-selling poetry book, Atticus is back again with another poetry book. This time he discusses life experiences instead. The combination of our best moments in life brought together with the worst times. His writing describes the reality of new changes in life – meeting new people, having commitments, and then being left alone at the end.

The poems found in this book are straightforward yet they let one wonder about the reality of the world around us. There are many things Atticus talks about in this book. Sunsets. Paris. Dancing. Rain. Beauty. Destruction. Despite all the beauty and brightness, he shows us anguish and pain — The Stars and The Darkness.  

The Princess Saves Herself In This One


“Your happiness

comes before

anyone else’s


– the real meaning of ‘self respect’.”

This book is about creating your own ending. Not listening to anyone else but yourself. The book has been divided into parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. In this book, you won’t find a stereotypical girl looking for someone to save her, but instead, she fights all her obstacles in order to truly find herself.

Amanda Lovelace uses her very own experiences of heartbreak, family and finding yourself again to write a wonderful collection of poems in which tells everyone that they can survive anything they’re going through in their life. With each poem having an exclusive meaning to the reader, it allows Lovelace’s poems to be even more influential.

These books may not be the right fit for everyone, but if you’re someone like me who can scroll through quotes for hours on Instagram, then you will surely enjoy these picks!


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