Banned Book Week Contest

Next week the Secondary Library will celebrate Banned Book Week, which highlights issues relating to censorship and the importance of free and open expression. Here in the library we believe in intellectual freedom, and the freedom to read, and will be supporting this event through displays and a reading contest.

Books which have, in the past, been banned in schools and libraries around the world, will be displayed, along with information on why each book has generated controversy. These books will be available to borrow, and we invite students to take part in a book review contest, where you can write a brief review of the banned book you have read, and be entered into a draw to win a 500 baht Asia Books voucher.

Your banned book review must be emailed to Mr Ben C. by 9am Monday the 8th of October. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Happy reading!



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