Volleyball Tournament: Day 1

Unless you spent your day hiding under a rock, you’ll know that today marked the first day of the volleyball tournament! Here’s some more detail about the scoring AND today’s standings.


Regardless of whether you win or lose (or tie with the other team in a draw), you will be awarded points! (This is something you should be VERY excited about.)

  • 3 points will be awarded to the house that wins the match.
  • 1 point will be awarded to the house that loses the match. (But hey, everyone’s a winner 🙂 .)

If there is a draw, both houses will win 2 points.

Note: It is mandatory to have three girls on the court at ALL TIMES. Therefore, we will deduct 2 points from the match’s score if this requirement is not met.

Then on Wednesday, SC will count up the total number of points each house wins. The two houses with the highest number of points will proceed to the finals (which will take place on Friday). The other two houses will proceed to the semi-finals (which will take place on Thursday).

Any questions? Comment below and we’ll answer them.

Today’s Standings

Volleyball Scoring.001

Tomorrow’s matches will be:

  • Tosakan vs. Hanuman
  • Erawan vs. Naga

Good luck!


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