The Wolf’s Howl |27S|

Redefining boyband as a boyband, Brockhampton is shaping the new wavelengths of rap and hip hop. From Merlyn Woods screaming his name at the top of his lungs to Robert Ontenient speaking Spanish in a skit once in a while, the group’s diversity in style is one of the many things that make them the new up and coming artist.


Brockhampton via. Twitter


San Marcos

Album: iridescence

Year: 2018


As one of the more emotional and heartfelt songs on the “Iridescences” album, San Marcos shows the most of all the members in Brockhampton. The song is one of my favorites in the 2018 album, it features Matt Champion, Dom McLennon, Joba and Kevin Abstract vocalizing in what they do best. One will rap about their insecurities, another sings an angelic chorus and each one of them shows why the group is so unique. What’s the most touching about this song is the addition of the London Community Gospel Choir singing “I want more out of life than this” as an outro.

Rating: 6/7


1999 Wildfire

Album: 1999 Wildfire (Single)

Year: 2018


Opening with the new Serbian “character”, Milos, Brockhampton introduces their new era. Usually opening with their Spanish-speaking producer Roberto, 1999 Wildfire, shows that they are reinventing who they are yet still staying true to their main values. The soft beats and the almost robotic chorus sung by multiple Kevin Abstract is the perfect combination needed after the Saturation trilogy. The group experiments with new melodies and with that they produced one of the most catchy and rich songs of 2018.

Rating: 7/7







Year: 2017


This is one of my personal favorites from the Saturation trilogy, if you know Brockhampton and their members different styles then you would know that Face is Joba’s shining moment in the album. Though it features Dom McLennon, Matt Champion, and ex-member Ameer Vann –Joba’s vocals are highlighted throughout the whole song in the chorus. Usually screaming maniacally throughout the many songs the group produces, Joba in Face shows a whole new side that you can’t help but continue listening to.

Rating: 5/7




Year: 2017


Matt Champion slurring his rapping verse, Kevin Abstract relaxingly singing the chorus, Joba performing like his whole verse is a joke and Dom McLennon short but unforgettable verse? What else could make Sweet more awesome than it is currently?

Rating: 5/7




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  1. Fourth says:

    I’m slightly surprised Joji’s Slow dancing in the dark got left out of the list.


    1. annnniok says:

      Sorry about that! I’ll be sure to include in the next Wolf’s Howl.


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