Wolf Reads #36

This week, some sci-fi novels for everyone!


The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker


“We were, on that day, no different from the ancients, terrified of our own big sky.”

Julia, a young eleven-year-old girl is beginning to notice how all her friends are starting to change. It is normal for children to change as they grow old. What Julia and her family didn’t expect was for the Earth to change. Days were no longer 24 hours long. Gravity didn’t work the same way anymore. Birds were falling to the ground. It was Clock Time vs Real Time. Everything had changed.

It is not only the Earth that is changing in Julia’s life, but it is also the world around her. Her parents. Her friends. Love. Loneliness. People are leaving her life to escape the danger. Despite all of the changes in her life, she feels braver than ever. Through this prose, Walker has allowed us to picture a world of her own in which things are always changing.

Artemis by Andy Weir


“I envy one thing about Earthers—they get much faster internet.”

Artemis is the first and only city on the moon. Everything is not as easy as it seems. The only people who have it easy are the billionaires and tourists. It is extremely common for the locals to smuggle, after all, it is the only thing that allows them to keep going.

When Jazz Bashara, an ordinary porter finds the perfect opportunity to commit the fool-proof crime along with a bounty that could make her life wonderful, she is in dilemma. Should she do the right thing and forget about the crime and its reward? Or should she go along with and then face all the challenges? After deciding on what to do, she realizes what she has done is bigger than the crime itself. The only way to survive is now to devise a plan even more precarious than the first. Will she be able to survive safely, or will she fall into a trap she was warned about by many?

Go get your hands on these books and enjoy reading them!



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