The Wolf Howl |12O|

Hey!!! Sorry for the short and late post, hope you guys enjoy some of these suggestions!

Joji – Slow Dancing in the Dark


Artist(s): Joji

Album: BALLADS 1

Year: 2018


Slow Dancing in the Dark is a really good song to get a mix of both chill and relaxing melody as well as a hard hitting chorus melody. It perfectly combines a “pop-like”, and loud, synthesized drumming during the chorus that is hard hitting and strong. Especially after listening to the slow calming verses, the dark and ambient music blasted really compliments Joji’s voice.

Rating: 5/7


Charli XCX – 1999




Artist(s): Charli XCX, Troye Sivan

Album: 1999 Single

Year: 2018


Without overusing this word too much, this song BOPS. Charli XCX has a unique and unforgettable voice and having the duo also include Troye Sivan, 1999 is song that some will replay for one too many times.

Rating: 5/7


khai dreams – ultimately



Artist(s): khai dreams

Album: ultimately (Single)

Year: 2017


Recommended by Oscar G11:

it’s a lovely song. Might be sad but it’s nice to listen to it once in a while

I couldn’t agree more, the soft and ambient song is very suiting not only studying but just to listen to by itself to absorb all of its lyrical glory.


Rating: 6/7


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