Psychology 101: We Need More Subs

Hey everyone! For those who know me you probably know that I love sports! There’s nothing better than running around in the burning sun until you cry 🙂 And no, I don’t play sports because I love physical pain – there are actually quite a lot of positive psychological benefits from playing sports!

What are some of these benefits you’re bragging about?

Glad you asked! Some psychological benefits include:

  1. A better mood!

Now, a lot of people consider me a pretty positive person, could this be to do with sports ? ? ? I have no idea. Probably not. But! Sports does increase our moods because sports give our minds a chance to get away from everything that stresses us out, and lets us focus on the sport, and only the sport. Also playing sports – especially team ones – allows us to be social and form great connections with our teammates!

  1. Improved concentration!

Many sports are all about strategy and focus! And we all know we could all use a bit more concentration to get us through our classes 😉

  1. Improved sleep!

Sports is, well, pretty tiring. And when you’re super exhausted you’ll have a deeper more beneficial sleep! Just don’t do sports too late ‘cause then you’ll be too hyper to go to sleep.

  1. More confidence!

Whether you’re good at sports or not, you’re likely to improve over time if you keep practicing – and this definitely is a great self-esteem boost to look at how far you’ve come and how your skills has improved. Also, obviously, if you’re amazing at sports, like if you can do a backflip while kicking a football why wouldn’t you be confident?

Anything else?

Yes, actually some studies suggest that playing sports can make you smarter!! The skills required in variance sports can help improve cognitive skills such as better memory (specifically spatial) and allows us to be more adept at blocking out particular distracting noises and loads more. These are definitely skills that would be very useful in, and outside of school!

With all this mind I would like to end this article with a little suggestion: if you’re a girl, and like football, and are…oldish, join the Varsity girls football team 🙂 (we have like one sub and are very tired all the time).




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