Preview: NewGen Thai Films for Oct Break

Homestay (film) Trailer 1    Trailer 2

Someone died. He woke up different. In another body. Second chance to live. 100 days, a condition of a reward. 100 days to answer who killed his host, Min, a teenage boy with a seemingly normal life, a family, a crush, some friends. A reward from death, a curse from life and regardless, time is running out. With secrets of the condition and of Min, the film presses, with dramatic force, the dark and elusive light and shadow, driving up the intensity and the twisted enigma to a crescendo like fireworks in an evil night.

  • beautiful fantasy and “sentimental life story” cinematography
  • Oh and เฌอปราง from BNK48 is also in this as a main 

The Gifted (series) (highly recommend) Trailer

New school year. New level sorting. New “Gifted” class. The same long kept high school secret. The only rule of the gifted class: keep that secret in.

Soon after the selection in disguised frequency, the program started to develop unique powers or “potentials”, but there is a dark side to every gift. And some gifts may be too much to handle or too much for one person to have.

In a dystopic high school with extreme prejudice, privilege system, and inequality, where everyone is already each other’s enemy, how would games of lies, mysteries, secrets, and self-destruction play out by power?

The storytelling beings with the end. Each character in the class and his/her power is the main for an episode. There is an undertone of suspense and purposeful plot holes to always bring back a piece of the puzzle or to foreshadow. The contrasting lab-lighting and “school-rooftop” cinematography highlight both the DC-grim and classic mystery tone and mood of the plot. P.S. This is like X men meet Harry Potter and 13 reasons why in a Thai high school



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