Casual Friday: Halloween

Tomorrow is a Casual Friday! Dress up in the spookiest, scariest outfit you can think of! (Or you can be lazy and just wear black.)

Please make sure you are wearing school-appropriate clothing (no spaghetti tops or anything of that sort). Also, props such as toy guns, swords and knives are strictly prohibited. It will cost 20 baht as usual. We will also be having a Social Media Challenge just for Halloween.

Post a picture of you in your Halloween costume on Instagram and use the hashtags #sckis #kishouse (put your house name instead of “house”) #kishalloween2018. You can also send your photos to the SC email:

The SMC will end at 5PM tomorrow. The house with the most submissions will win 100 house points (2nd will win 90, 3rd–80, 4th–70).


Featured image by Omm (G11).


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