SC Update (Week of November 7)

Some updates from Student Council.

  • Diwali celebration: There will be a Diwali party in the gym on Friday, during lunchtime. More information here.
  • Casual Friday: This Friday will also be a casual Friday with the theme bright colours. It will cost 20 Baht as usual.
  • New SMC: This month’s SMC is called #kisgrateful. Post a picture of something you are grateful about on Instagram using the hashtags #kisgrateful #sckis #kishouse. If you’d rather not post on Instagram, you can send us an email at Please don’t forget to include your house.
  • Christmas Gala survey: At the start of the year, we had sent out a survey asking all of you which event you wanted SC to organise. The most popular choice was a Christmas Gala. We would like to know what sort of activities you would like at the gala. Please fill out the survey here.

Have a nice week!


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