5 Things to Know (5th – 9th November)

Happy Friday! Here’s an update on the news highlights this week. 🙂

Bacteria-layered mushroom produces clean energy

Scientists had designed and participated in a creative idea of producing electricity through mushrooms and bacteria. 3D printing was used to attach the energy-producing bugs to the mushroom cap. The fossil-free mushroom provided the ideal environment for the bacteria to grow and produce electricity. Cyanobacteria has frequently attracted the interest of scientists due to its ability to turn sunlight into electrical current. However, they often fail to survive for a long period of time on artificial surfaces. This is why the mushroom provides an ideal resource for cyanobacteria’s survival. Researches have stated that a series of mushrooms linked together could light up a small bulb. Scientist Sudip Joshi has mentioned, “It’s a new start; we call it engineered symbiosis. If we do more research in this, we can really push this field forward to have some type of effective green technology.”


Samsung folding smartphone unveiled

Samsung has revealed its newest smartphone with foldable phone technology – the ‘Infinity flex Display.’ BCC reporters have stated, “When unfolded, the device resembles a 7.3in (18.5cm) tablet. When closed, a separate smaller “cover display” on the handset’s other side comes into use.” Samsung has also mentioned that the new smartphone will be able to run three apps at once. It is still yet to disclose how it will brand the phone and intends to begin production in a few months. Upon the arrival of the discussion on foldable technology, Dave Lee (North America technology reporter) stated, “One of the reasons why Samsung teased this device at its developers conference was to give software-makers a chance to think about how to make the most of the new possibilities a foldable screen might bring.”



Diwali’s after-effects return to Dehli

Recently, due to Dehli’s large industry and vehicle use, smog has been negatively affecting the residents’ health. This thick, toxic fog has returned to Dehli after Diwali celebration in the region. Diwali, an important Hindu festival that celebrates good over evil, is often celebrated by lighting firecrackers. However, this action’s adverse effects include the production of toxic smoke. This year, the Supreme Court had attempted to prevent an increase in Delhi smog by restricting the time period for lighting firecrackers two hours only. However, this law was openly violated by the public. Reports show that in some areas of Delhi, levels of tiny particulate matter that enter deep into the lungs has now become 999 micrograms per cubic meter. The US embassy also mentioned that the air quality measure in the capital has increased to 526, putting it in the ‘severe’ categories. The government is currently trying to reduce this issue by introducing the Graded Response Action Plan (GRASP) which includes a ban on activities such as rubbish burning.



California’s deadly wild-fire

Parts of a town and Sierra foothills have been destroyed because of the deadly wildfire, known as Woolsey Fire. Thousands of people have evacuated the location. Its destruction was emphasised by the state’s forestry and fire protection spokesman, Scott Maclean who said, “[Paradise] is devastated, everything is destroyed. There’s nothing left standing” According to California fire officials, the fire burned down through 20000 acres of land. As of now, emergency crews are still working to rescue trapped residents. People in Los Angeles have been asked to immediately evacuate as Woolsey Fire is heading south, including parts of Malibu. 


Fly Jamaica flight’s emergency landing – 6 injured

The plane was heading for Toronto from Guyana when it immediately had to land at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, in Georgetown. Although the plane “suffered an accident on landing”, officials have confirmed that all 118 passengers and eight crew members have survived. Six passengers were rushed to the hospital to cure their injuries, which were nothing too serious. The Transportation minister has said, “They are all stable and are being looked at. There were no reports of broken bones.” 


Have a great weekend!


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