#RELATABLE: 10 things every KIS student can relate to

The friend who gets injured + everyone else taking the elevator with them:


The satisfaction of handing in your assignment a minute early (lol don’t do this, get your work done asap):


When you tap your card to pay for your lunch but it comes up as “ERROR”:


But then your friend in the line got your back like:


When you’re in class and you accidentally get your friend in trouble:


When your source analysis is due at 7pm and it’s 6:58 pm:

Screen Shot 2561-11-10 at 19.57.32

When you email your teacher for an extension and they say yes:


But sometimes, they’ll say no and you’re just there like:


And even though there’s no extension, you still procrastinate by saying you’ll do it during study hall.. Only to end up not finishing it.


And lastly, just when you thought you finished all your summatives, your teacher announces a new summative:




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