Teachers VS Students Basketball Match

The following article was written by Iya (G8).

On November 20th, SC is hosting a Teachers vs. Students basketball match! This is the PERFECT opportunity for all you students to DEFEAT your teachers!

The details are as below:

  • It will be held at the MYP basketball court during period 5 assembly.
  • Eight players must be on the court at all times (4 females, 4 males).
  • The match will last thirty minutes in total. Grades 6-8 will play for ten minutes, grades 9-12 for twenty minutes.
  • To participate in the match, please contact either your SC representative, send us an email at kis-student-council@edu.kis.ac.th, or contact your house captain.

This is not a house competition. Anyone can participate.

If the students win, Mr. Mike has agreed to wear an outrageous outfit for a day. The teachers will have to wear custom-designed signs for the day. If the teachers win, the  students on the team will need to dress in formal attire for a day.

Good luck!


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