The Wolf’s Howl |15N|

Sorry for the late post, but here is another edition of Wolf’s Howl! Today many of these song suggestions will be cover songs, enjoy 🙂

Daniel Caesar and Shannon Dooks – Dream A Little Dream of Me

Artist(s):  Daniel Caesar, Shannon Dooks

Original Song: Dream a little dream of me – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Genre: Jazz

Thoughts: Shannon Dooks and Daniel Caesar recreate one of Ella Fitzgerald’s most classical songs with a perfect acoustic and soft guitar. This cover is one of my favorites, it resembles the original however adds a more modern twist with the smooth voices of both singers. The harmonization of both singers towards the end of the song proves that this is one of the best duos that we didn’t know we needed. It may be just me, but this song maybe perfect for the “Christmas mood” coming up soon 🙂

Rating: 7/7


Rex Orange County – No One

Artist(s):  Rex Orange County

Original Song: No one – Alicia Keys

Genre: Contemporary R&B

Thoughts: Despite being a concert song and having it recorded on a vertical phone with echoes of the crowd, Rex’s cover of Alicia Key’s hit song is one of the most soothing songs. The deep-semi-raspy voice pairs perfectly with the strumming of the guitar. It may be a little biased to say this is a good cover considering I shout-out Rex once every now and then, however this is one of the most unique wholehearted covers of this song so might as well just shout him out one more time.

Rating: 7/7


Jorja Smith – All The Stars

Artist(s):  Jorja Smith

Original Song: All the Stars – Kendrick Lamar and SZA

Genre: Contemporary R&B

Thoughts: This cover is so different from the original, you wonder if it is even a cover. Jorja Smith radiates a completely different energy from this song and it shows. The dark setting and the low singing voice is something I couldn’t ask any more from. It is a very unexpected cover but it still is something thats great to listen to every once in a while to chill and “vibe with”.

Rating: 5/7


Clairo – SZA

Artist(s):  Clairo

Original Song: Love Galore – SZA

Genre: Contemporary R&B

Thoughts: Clairo’s cover on Love Galore is interesting, where you can clearly tell it is the song but at the same time you can’t. The synthesized melody and echo-y voice of Clairo matching up with it is a combo that is memorable. This song is an introduction to Clairo’s more richer voice, where in many of her originals there is more of a mumbling-singing voice playing out.

Rating: 6/7




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