Did you know that Greece was founded about 200 years ago? Stay tuned and read the article if you want to find out more astonishing facts about this country and its traditions.

Greece is located in the southeastern section of the European continent, and is the 97th largest nation in the world. The following countries neighbor Greece: Albania, The Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria (in the north) and Turkey (in the east. The most common language spoken in Greece is Modern Greek, which is a descendant of the ancient Greek language. It is a country with a rich history from Bronze Age, classical period, Roman period and Ottoman period. It is also well known for many of the famous people such as Zeus and Apollo. Apollo is the son of Zeus.

Religion in Greece plays an important role in the country’s culture and beliefs. 98% of the population of Greeks are Christians Orthodox and the remaining consists of Muslims, Roman Catholics and Jewish. Orthodox Church are part of the third largest branch of Christianity.

Greek music and entertainment is influenced by the Eastern and Western culture of Asia and Europe respectively. Music in Greece is also influenced by ancient times as poetry, dancing and music were important to the ancient Greeks as part of their everyday lives and culture.

Food also plays a huge part in the Greek culture. Some dishes can be cooked in various ways in different places Greek dishes are simple when the ingredients are grown within the land. The following dishes are the most famous dishes according to Greeks: Baklava, Moussaka, Pastichio, Gemista, and Kleftiko. The cuisine is influenced by other cultures such as French, Italian and Turkish.

The architecture in Greece is probably one of the most admirable aspects of the country. . The architecture in Greece from ancient times has gone through many phases like the , Doric and Ionic style to the temples in the Classical times. The architecture in villages and islands is very different from the architecture in large cities.

Majority of the festival in Greece take place during the summer season.“They can be religious festivals on the occasions of the name day of the protector saint in a village or town, or cultural festivals with various events”. One of the most famous festivals is the Athens Epidaurus Greek Festival with special events such as Ancient Greek Theatre of Epidaurus, the Odeon Theatre in Athens. Music concerts, theatre performances, readings and other types of entertainment take place in Greek islands and towns during summer.

Greece seems very interesting and fun to visit if you ask me, would you like to visit it?




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