#RELATABLE: 10 things every KIS student can relate to

When you go to Spanish class and say “Puedo ir al ba-” and your response is “NO. SIENTATE”


Literally the pain of looking at your Managebac and everything is just red.


Hey, at least Wednesday at KIS means pancakes!


But then, sometimes it means french toast instead…


When it’s a Tuesday and you already feel like it’s been a long week….(no? just me?)


When you see 3 summatives due in one day which means you can tell the teacher to move 1 summative:


But then you see that the summative task was on the calendar for weeks:


When you go the canteen and you see one chicken wrap left:


Or when you’re in line PRAYING that the person in front of you doesn’t grab that last chicken wrap:


But then they do…


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