The Wolf’s Howl |4D|

Hello there 🙂 This week’s article is all about mellow sounds, so read on (and listen) for some good music.

  • Sufjan Stevens – Mystery of Love

Artist(s): Sufjan Stevens

Year: 2017

Genre: Acoustic

Thoughts: Okay so BIG shoutout to Saloni (G12) for introducing me to this song because I’m actually now in love with it. The lyrics are beautiful and hold deep meaning, the vocals are mellow, the acoustic strings in the background are heavenly, what’s not to love about this song? Also, Saloni has shared her thoughts on the song:

“This song makes you feel so many things. It’s soft and mesmerising and I love the guitar in the background (I think it’s a guitar?). I would highly recommend reading the book Call Me By Your Name, then watching the film (of the same name) and then relistening to the song. It becomes a whole lot better and there’s a whole new layer of meaning.” – Saloni, G12

Rating: 5/7

  • FKJ – Learn to Fly ft. Jordan Rakei

Artist(s): FKJ, Jordan Rakei

Year: 2014

Genre(s): Dance/Electronic

Thoughts: FKJ (stands for French Kiwi Juice, I wonder what the inspiration behind the name was) has always been one of my favourite SoundCloud musicians. I started to watch this multi-instrumentalist when he used to post videos of him making music in Red Bull Studios, and I knew that it won’t be long before he’d become a well-known artist. His music is incredibly good to hear and this track is one of my absolute favourites.

Rating: 7/7

  • Kings of Convenience – Misread

Artist(s): Kings of Convenience

Year: 2004

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Thoughts: It hasn’t been too long since I  started listening to them, but they definitely are on my playlist for when I need to unwind. I absolutely love their acoustic vibe, which also manages to transition into electronic somehow? (Don’t know how to explain that but if you give their music a listen, you’ll know what I’m on about). And of course, the violins that the duo in the background never fail to create a good track.

Rating: 5/7

That was all for this week, see you next time 🙂

Featured Image: Prin (G12)



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