The Wolf’s Howl |7D|

Sorry for the late and very confusing uploading schedule, y’all! This week is brought to you by all “New Music”, might as well call this “New Music Friday” even though Spotify took that already 🙂

I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) – The 1975

Artist(s): The 1975

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative/Indie


To all the emo kids who love and have their hearts dedicated to The 1975, this song is for you. The soft intro by Matthew Healy is what makes you fall in love with the song automatically. The very pop but indie melody is what makes this song something that is reminiscent to all their old music. Lyrically, the song is so powerful and so heartfelt –maybe too exaggerated for the title of the song, but its still good to know it is only “(Sometimes)”

Rating: 5/7


Ordinary Pleasure – Toro y Moi

Artist(s): Toro y Moi

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative/Indie


This song is the definition of calm-funky, which sounds a lot like an oxymoron but when listening to it, it’s the only thing that comes to mind. Using what can only be described as a bouncy bass and light vocals, Toro y Moi released this song for their forthcoming album, ‘Outer Peace,’ which has excited me a bit too much. Give it a good listen and have a small dance, it is just one of those types of songs.

Rating: 6/7


Thats Life – Hayleau

Artist(s): Hayleau

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative R&B


Best known for her appearances in Riverdale, Hayleau recently released this single which threw me off guard. Despite being a 2 minute song and one of the first of hers that I have listen to, it quickly became my favorite. The electronic feel to the song is a perfect compliment to her smooth melodic voice. It may not be the best song ever, but it is something nice to listen to once in a while because of the soothing vibe it radiates.

Rating: 5/7


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