Paws & Pens: 11 Limericks About Europe

Hey guys, sorry for the late article!! Here’s an amazing submission from el-Aurens Ximenis. Limericks are meant to be funny so we both hope you enjoy! 🙂

I once knew a man from France
Who walked with an interesting stance
When he put his left leg forth
His spine would contort
And the man did a strange little dance

A long time ago in the Ukraine
Lived a woman whose name was Jane
She saw little green men
With whom she became friends
And never lived in Ukraine again

There was a young man at Cambridge
Whose father was inexplicably rich
When the taxman knocked
The son was shocked
To learn he was the next mafia hit

There was a young woman of Kerry
And after the easter rising, she wasn’t merry
Her suitor lived in Tyrone
And was now far from home
Which saddened that women from Kerry

There was an aristocrat of Prague
Who was rich and rather large
He’d eat 6 meals a day
And vomit right away
To make room for more goulash

There was a dirty merchant of Rumelia
When he bathed, he only got smellier
When he changed his robe
And washed behind his lobes
He became a fragrant merchant of Rumelia

There was a peasant boy of Albion
Who was rather fond of Carrion
He’d take dead bodies home
Cut them up on his own
To which his dad would say “Steady on”

There was a good lord of Yakutsk
Who always gave more than he took
His past was not sordid
And his kindness was rewarded
When his mother in law vanished from Yakutsk

There was an old duke of Umbria
Who let his workers get hungrier
They then took up arms
And dealt him some harm
And poof went the Duchy of Umbria

There was a musician from Tallinn
Who studied the way records spin
He got into the groove
And went to bust a move
But painfully tore a ligament

There once was a farmer from Holstein
Who people said never had a spine
Then the Germans invaded
And the farmer evaded
Leaving his wife and children all behind


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