KIS Reviews: Everything wrong with Netflix’s Bird Box

“The bird box in “Bird Box” is full of holes so the birds can breathe;

 “Bird Box” the movie is full of holes so the audience can meme.”                                                      – Jennifer Vineyard

I was BLINDLY scrolling through instagram when I encountered the bird box memes, they were truly EYE-OPENING. So  I decided to watch the movie and… committed the biggest mistake of my life.

Its KIlLER story idea should definitely be credited for creativity and the actors efforts however the rules of “Bird Box” are never truly articulated nor understood, creating room for interpretations and debates. Not only does it have multiple plot holes and questionable scenes, but the extremely hyped movie has shed light upon our very own fan group- ‘the criticisers’.

1. What about people who have blurry vision or are blind? (Blind folds were blurry)

Where is the entirety of the blind and poor sighted population if you can simply survive by not looking? The blindfolds suggest all blind people are immune to these ‘demons’ but the only blinds shown in the movie are in the blind school. First of all, why do the blinds need to be trapped inside if they are immune…and are you telling me that the entire country’s blind population just happened to make it to the same school for blinds? And poor sighted people, if you can’t create the image of the demons properly, can you truly see them? All you have to do is take off your glasses and live another 20 years.

2. Why do the creatures only appear in daylight? Why can’t you survive at night time…if you use no lights, it will be complete darkness

At night it’s complete darkness and without a light source you really can’t see anything…so aren’t you technically blind again?

3. How did fish finger manage to survive?

This is completely against science. How did fish finger even survive in a storage room for 4 days without food and limited oxygen supply (closed space)? Does going crazy give you super powers to eliminate hunger? Or did the blood of his companions show cannibalism and the key to his survival?

4. How did Tom manage to stay muscular living off canned food for 5 years?

Living off canned and spoiled food, how did Tom maintain such a muscular body? Who knew food was still abundant and edible for 5 years after a mass destruction?

5. If Malorie was teaching her kids to survive on their hearing senses…why didn’t they just follow the rapids by foot on the land beside?

The movie ends with the Malorie finding ‘girl’ washed up on shore when they are separated by the rapids. This scene reveals a path of shore along the rapids line, so why didn’t the trio just follow the rapids by foot with the help of its sound?

6. If the whole purpose of the movie was NOT to show the “demons” why were Gary’s drawings shown?

The dramatic and ‘scary’ effect was enhanced by keeping the “demons” a mystery, as seeing them would make them less scary. So why was that contradicted by the revelation of Gary’s drawings… which themselves looked like a horrific version of black Spiderman or a video game gone wrong.

7. What happened to the remaining pets? Did they just disappear or does this magical world only consist of birds?

Although we saw horses and various other animals in short scenes of the movie, this created more questions than answers. Is this demonic effect applicable to animals too? If so then whats special about the birds? Why aren’t the birds affected? And if animals aren’t affected…where did the rest like cats/dogs/horses disappear? Why were they even introduced in the first place if they served no purpose?

This movie was definitely a chaos…but hey, at least it was worth the memes.

Just as much as I hope there isn’t a part 2 to this, there are probably more lingering questions in your minds which need to be answered.

But on the positive note, at least the kids have names now….

Screen Shot 2562-01-15 at 09.15.08.png

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