Humans of Bangkok #1


“The right kind of random is the one with style”


“I came from a humble beginning, there was nothing special about me, I never had anything I was good at, never had anything I liked. 

Up until middle school I would beg and bribe my sister to do my art homework because she was so good at it and obviously, it got me good grades. I remember I was in awe by what she was doing that I tried once, of course I did terribly, but then she told me to start doing it on my own. She refused to do it for me any longer, said I need to try on my own. I think she saw my future before I did. So, I had no choice but to practice over and over everyday, learned from her and the next thing I knew, I found the love of my life.”

I was one of those bad boys at school, where I would skip classes and do ‘bad’ things and my grade weren’t good either. I eventually dropped out of high school and went to a pre-college school for arts, crafts and technicians. Then, I went to art school, studied print making and fine arts, graduated. No job, not really a future, but I do not regret it even once.

I started doing projects with some friends, which only lasted so long. Then I taught at small art classes. I don’t know how long after, I met a friend who did tattoos, got one and got inspired. I taught myself how to tattoo. Youtube was helpful, thank you. From then on, I taught and tattooed and didn’t make a lot of money, not enough really, but again if someone asks if i can go back and change times, the answer is still no”



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