The Wolf’s Howl |16J|

Hey y’all, welcome back!! Here’s some new music for y’all!!!

Ariana Grande – 7 rings

Artist: Ariana Grande

Album: 7 Rings (Single)

Genre: pop

Thoughts: With clear trap-inspired melody and music, “Young Ariana” “came through” and stunned many with “7 Rings”. Clearly embracing a new era to which she confidently dances and wears impressive costume, this new song and music video is slowly taking the internet by storm. Though it is not one of my personal favorites, I do have to admit that it is catchy 🙂 (I need to follow a bandwagon at some point).

Rating: 5/7

Sam Smith – Dancing With a Stranger

Artist: Sam Smith with Normani

Album: Dancing with a Stranger (With Normani)

Genre: pop

Thoughts: Though I may be late to this party, I have to say: I do miss Sam Smith’s voice. Having being brought back to remember his extremely talented voice, this new song is so melodic and smooth in its chords, it is impossible to say that this is not a good song. Adding Fifth Harmony’s Normani to feature on this song was something that really put the cherry on top, proving that Sam Smith will ALWAYS make a good, if not, great song.

Rating: 6/7

Billie Eilish – When I Was Older

Artist: Billie Eilish

Album: When I Was Older (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio)

Genre: pop

Thoughts: When first hearing this song, I was VERY surprised to hear the auto-tuned voice that was Billie “Eyelash”. Though it may not be the greatest song I have heard from her, it is a song that is catchy and stays true to the singers trap-influenced style. Even if it may not be showing off the angelic voice of the singer, I will still play it nevertheless. Maybe you should too! 😀

Rating: 5/7


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