The Languages You MUST Learn!

There are more than a thousand languages spoken on this planet.  That being said, there are also a few popular languages that more than a billion people speak. The languages that everyone should acknowledge are Spanish, Chinese and English.

The language Chinese is ranked as the top one spoken language. There are more than a billion people all around the world who are able to and are learning how to speak it fluently.

The reasons why everyone should learn Chinese are that there are Chinese citizens in almost every single country, more opportunities and it’s beneficial for future businesses. Since there are Chinese citizens all around the world, you could welcome them to your home country by helping them to communicate to others or help them make an understanding with someone when they are buying souvenirs, asking for directions, etc. You could have a wider range of opportunities, for example, if you learn Chinese, you will get the benefit of knowing another language which means that you could get better college offers and jobs in the future. Learning this language will definitely help you in the future because the Chinese population is 1.3 billion so they are a big target for people to sell their products to. Therefore being able to speak Chinese will help you to connect with them better and a lot more convenient when you’re in Asia or when you’re doing future businesses with Chinese speaking people. Lastly, if you go to a Chinese speaking country, regardless of whatever purpose, you could survive and travel there successfully.

The reasons why everyone shouldn’t learn Chinese are; the language takes time to successfully learn due to the complications of the structures and there are no alphabets. Instead of using letters from the alphabet to communicate, the Chinese have another innovative way to communicate with each other so they created Chinese characters. There are over 50 thousand Chinese characters and the challenging part is that some characters are pronounced similarly which makes it hard to determine what the word’s meaning is. The language’s sentence structure is different from other languages, for example, English. In English, the sentence structure is more flexible and you could arrange it in almost any order and it will still convey the same message. However, in Chinese, the golden sentence structure rule is when, who, where, how and what. If you’re learning English and learning Chinese, there’s a chance that it would affect your English grammar.

According to James Lane, the language Spanish is ranked as the top two most spoken language in the world. There are approximately 400 million people all around the world speaking this language.

The reasons why everyone should learn Spanish is because of the number of people speaking the language, you could also stand out in competitive job markets and you could go learn or work abroad (Tanisha Love Ramirez and Roque Planas). Since there are around 400 million Spanish speakers on Earth, learning Spanish would make it easier to communicate when traveling to another country, it is likely that there would be a Spanish speaker, especially in North and South America. Studying this language gives you the opportunities to stand out in the crowd because you will have another language that you are able to communicate with others as well as another skill to beat the competitions for finding jobs and a position to get into a good college. Lastly, the advantage of learning this language is that in the future you could go work abroad, which pays you more money and Spanish is not a very hard language because the language contains letters from the alphabet.

The main reason why people shouldn’t learn Spanish is that the language isn’t as useful when it comes to the business industry. Most successful business dealers, buyers, and customers are mostly Chinese due to the high number of their population. When doing businesses the languages that they would normally use firstly is English, secondly Chinese, but Spanish is not very common in the business world.

The language English is ranked as the top 3 most spoken language. The number of people all around the world that speaks this language is 378 million. However, they are billions of humans learning English as their second language.

According to British Study Centres, the reasons why you should study English is because it’s the most commonly spoken language, the language of many industries and it’s easy to study. Most things on the internet, paper and lots of other devices, uses English as the main language. English is also the language of the media industry. If you speak English, you won’t need to rely on translations and subtitles anymore to enjoy your favorite books, songs, films, and TV shows (British Study Centres, 10 Reasons to Learn English). English is also the language of the internet because most websites are in English which would make it easy for you to research and understand them fully. This language is easy to learn because there are alphabets and there is a catchy song to help you with remembering them. It is fairly quick and easy to learn if you remember all the 26 alphabets along with how they sound and how they look like.

The reason why you shouldn’t learn English is that everyone in the world speaks English now, therefore it is difficult to stand out because of the number of people who already know the language. When you apply for college or jobs, the language English is on there, then it wouldn’t help you have a higher advantage because more than a million other people can speak English.

In conclusion, there are positive and negative outcomes for learning Chinese, Spanish and English. However, it is still your own choice to choose whatever language you want to acknowledge.


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