The Wolf’s Howl |24J|

This edition of Wolf’s Howl is brought to you by…. INDIE ARTISTS ! Enjoy 🙂

Happy – Roy Blair

Artist: Roy Blair

Album: Cat Heaven

Year: 2017


I honestly don’t know why I didn’t mention Roy Blair sooner. The angsty-sounding and boy-band-lead singing voice is iconic and timeless with all his melodies and music. Wow. This song. Makes me happy :’)

Rating: 7/7


Widdit – Lava La Rue

Artist: Lava La Rue

Album: Widdit (Single)

Year: 2018


This is one of my favorite lofi-like rap songs not only because of the singers feature in A COLORS SHOW but because of the singers voice as well. Lava La Rue (which by the way is a funny name but,,, I would want to be called something like that too) has such a soft voice that it is as if her voice blends in with the music she is singing over. Overall, I recommend listening to this song, its very soft and calm.

Rating: 5/7


Haircut – Ryan Beatty

Artist: Ryan Beatty

Album: Boy in Jeans

Year: 2018


First being introduced to this song, I was surprised at how much I would like it. “Haircut” is such a delicately fun song that seems so heartfelt through the melody and the singing. Ryan Beatty, an icon in demonstrating the new era of singers and songwriters, sings with an angsty undertone that matches perfectly with the hard hitting drums. Being able to start of with a very light and airy voice and then going to a high note in the chorus shows how talented this singer is. (By the way, the aesthetics of the video are to die for.)

Rating: 6/7



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